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Greek gods in modern day, acting upon the grudges and relationships established in Greek myth. Not an uncommon premise, this particular comic focuses on the titan Prometheus as he returns to earth, displeased with the progress they made thanks to his “noble” sacrifice. He goes on a quest to make sure his sacrifice wasn’t in vain and retrospectively justify his past decisions.

On Top of that there’s a mystery as he has no real memory of how he ended up on earth.


Rigid panels organically placed dependent on the moment


The review copy i received was 23 pages long this just the first chapter of 5, yet to be published.


The first thing i would like to address is the first thing anyone will notice about this comic, the title is a single word, the name of a very popular mythological figure, and not just one that people know for being the figure itself, Prometheus is popular jargon term people like to name things after to sound cool.

Naming a comic directly after such a figure is a very bold move marketing wise, but it doesn’t particularly affect the contents.

The comic opens to what seems like a terminator plot, a half naked man appears in the city out of nowhere with an agenda unclear to the reader.

He then proceeds to raise a lot of questions and i don’t mean ones like “who is he?” or “what is he doing here?”.

He walks into a 24 hour laundromat and a man almost instantly recognises him,

if this was real life i doubt a man working the graveyard shift at a laundromat would be that educated in greek myth nor would “everyone know his legend” as the man said, at first i thought this was probably setting up that this is a world where greek myth is not only real but commonly talked about.

But i have doubts that, that is the case after getting to the end of the first chapter.

If this were the case i would like to have seen how this had an impact on the branding of companies, in real life people use history and greek myth to find cool sounding words to name their companies and products after.

If greek myth was history i would expect them to do this twice as much, and if greek gods were still around i would expect this to be the case more so as an updated way of paying respect.

I would also expect hints of greek architecture.

As it turns out the man in the laundromat is greek and that’s why he knows the myths,

But even if this was a world where greek myth was real and commonly talked about,

if i worked in a laundromat and even if someone directly said “i am the titan prometheus” whilst dressed as a homeless man. I would not believe them until they shot lightning out of their eyes, or in prometheus’s case went “Flame on!” and did that fire thing he does.

The greek laundry man served as a throw away character prometheus could explain his backstory to and then walk away from,

the flashback scene was much appreciated because the eagle (symbol of zeus and in many versions of the myth, prometheus’s torturer) was a giant naked man dressed as a bird, this instantly got me very interested, because if that’s what the filter of this creative lense will do to a bird, i can’t wait to see what it will do to everything else.

But as soon as they said it was a mask and not just a man with a bird face, i guessed it was epimetheus (prometheus’s brother) for no reason other than as the scene began to explain prometheus’s punishment, i started to wonder where his brother would fit into all this, and in any comic, anyone with a mask has some relation to the protagonist.

This also reinforced the fact that, how prometheus got to earth is mystery, even to him. in one version of the myth, prometheus is rescued by hercules.

I can’t say i have any evidence that, that will be the case for this comic, but it’s a thought.

I like how his introduction to the modern world is through off brand buzzfeed and he just immediately has an aggressive reaction, i would question his ability to instantly understand ipads and the context of social media etc, but it appears that his glowing arm gives him some sort of situational super intelligence.

I was hoping to see some hints at greek god related shenanigans in the news headlines.

There is something about weather and dinosaur fossils, i doubt these will become elements of the plot, but i would like to know where dinosaurs fit into this world, perhaps a giant naked man dressed as a trex will show up.

He rather quickly comes to the conclusion that the great mcguffin of fire was stolen from the humans, the loss of the fire has resulted in them becoming a race of idiots that use computers and build skyscrapers.

He goes on a search for the fire which is the premise for the entire series, i would like to know what that thing on his arm is though, it was burnt by the fire, and is still on fire, so is that not still the fire. Does he not have the fire with him this whole time.

Prometheus is an interesting character because he seems to be selfishly charitable,

He walks past a homeless man asking for change without even blinking, and when he sees what humanity made of his gift he presumes it was taken from them because they haven’t become a utopian society like he had hoped and he gets angry that they haven’t ascended to become god like even though he despises the gods.

Overall he just seems a very angry person.

He god slams a security guard, which not only seems improbable that a human would survive that but besides being a titan he’s also built like a brick house, just a regular punch would be enough to knock out a human. Also that security guard is terrible at his job, it’s implied that he was confronted by an incredibly dangerous man looking for his boss, and then led him directly to the man he should be protecting.

The art: is on almost every page, in fact it is on every page, that’s what a comic is.

The visuals are beautiful and match the atmosphere, the layout of the pages conveys motion well, the environments are nicely detailed.

The laundromat man has a greek flag in his house, explaining why he’s familiar with greek myth, without wasting words.

He visits the office of a greek god that became a businessman, in his office is a painting of a mountain peaking out of clouds and a greek bust, showing that he wishes he was still on mount olympus.

Mythological figures offer a lot of chances for symbolism because they’ve all got their own special animals, plants, color hex codes. And i’m sure if they existed in modern day they’d each have a unique flavour of ice cream attributed to them.

During the confrontation between apollo and prometheus, apollo stands in front of green glass matching his green clothes, he’s a god of health and death, green being representative of both.

Black vertical lines also seem to be a theme for apollo, maybe because he’s trapped on earth

Most shots of prometheus have him surrounded by orange, paralleling his heavy obsession with fire. He first appeared walking away from a sunrise almost like he symbolically came out of the sun.

The zeus and hermes scene is in a blue room but i can’t say if that’s a zeus’s aesthetic or a hermes one, but none the less it is a contrast to prometheus’s warmer colors.

I just want to see more of the eagle being a giant naked man dressed as a bird that never speaks, it’s almost inevitable that he will come to earth and hunt prometheus down.

I also hope the comic keeps up this noir vibe and keeps the mystery compelling.


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but it’s very good


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